The New New Thing

It’s official, Michael Lewis has become my favorite author. He has passed Chuck Palahinuk, Neal Stephenson, and William Gibson.

Why? He’s above all a great read. He’s not pompous, he’s not over articulate, he just writes incredible interesting non fiction.

I picked up The New New Thing while at McKay’s in Knoxville (Damn I miss that store) It’s about Jim Clark, the finder of the next thing or as Lewis so adequately puts it, the new new thing. And he doesn’t find he "gropes" according to Lewis.

Clark is an interesting cat. Happier with figuring out then enjoying the solution. He is the founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and Healtheon. Of course now these companies aren’t quit the ideals that Clark originally had for them but in any event Clark really liked the idea of getting paid…a lot and building, at the time, the world’s biggest sail boat.

I don’t believe that this is Lewis’ best book. I still reserve that for Moneyball. But this one is damn good. You get an up close look at the man who some say started the Internet bubble back in the 90’s and how Silicon Valley worked back in its heyday.


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