Newspaper beats TV

Will this be the headline in a few years?

I keep seeing more and more newspapers going into video online while more and more local TV stations cut back and still pretend that online doesn’t matter.

Granted this may have changed. I’ve been out of local TV for a few years now but what I still from local affiliates online is still not what it should be.

A few years ago it seemed like local TV stations were about to swallow the local newspapers whole. Now it appears the tide has shifted. I believe that with another Republican White House that more deregulation will occur and with it a consolidation in the marketplace.

This means a few things for the people. 1) less jobs in the market. More one-man-bands 2)I think a better knowledge of local politics and 3) just flat out better coverage of local markets because of the non-time limit restraints of video online.

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I am. I think at this point deregulation is a good thing and people who cannot or are unwilling to multitask should be out of work.


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