No True Glory

I finished Bing West’s No True Glory a few days ago. It’s good and I recommend you read it soon if you haven’t already.

Bing West is a former Marine who served in Vietnam and is also the former Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration. He has been to Iraq many times and this is his second book about the war.

West pulls punches but in my view he pulls the right ones. He goes into enough description for you to get the point but doesn’t over do it. Is the book for the faint of heart? No, but it is a rapid fire account of both of the battles in Fallujah.

Fallujah is a backwater according to West. It has little to no representation in Baghdad. The Marines did a helluva job and were, during the first battle of Fallujah, used as political pawns in West’s view.

Yes West is a former Marine and is going to side with the leathernecks however he has a point and it is one worth restating. US Military personnel are not political pawns. If you order them to take a town then by God let them do it. Do not order them, have their comrades be injured or killed and then pull them out for political reasons. This is a shrewd way to put it and these are my words not West’s but it is, in essence, what happened in Fallujah.

I know some people don’t want to read books like this while others do. I think this book, while not as significant as Black Hawk Down, is an important book worth reading.


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