Spook Country

William Gibson is one of my favorite authors. I don’t know why really. I’m granted some of his stuff sticks with me and he can really describe some interesting technological issues. I also think he’s overly detailed and a lot of times his stuff just doesn’t come across.

His latest book Spook Country kind of falls into this "doesn’t come across" place. Maybe it’s an unrealized vision or something. All I know is that I read this book about modern day GPS artists, ghostly containers, former musician turned writer and I couldn’t care less about any of it. Reading this was chore.

On the other had I just finished a non fiction book by Jerry Newman who is a professor at SUNY Buffalo called My Secret Life on the McJob. He worked various fast food jobs around the east, south and Midwest for 14 months just to find out what goes on and how the managerial styles work.

This book is by no means riveting however it was better than Spook Country. So don’t pick up William Gibson’s latest but check out Newman’s for a good quick read.


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