CES Episode 2

There was all of kind of stuff at CES. It is overwhelming. The two things I find funny is that 1) you can always tell what they want you to buy (TV’s) and 2) that camera crews that are running around are acting just like ‘old media’

I saw more TV’s then I cared to see in the two times I went down to CES. Plasma’s and LCD’s. All kinds of sizes and shapes. Seriously, at some point isn’t it just a TV.

Everywhere you looked you saw camera crews and talent. A lot of gaming or tech sites were there and most of them were for sites I never heard of before like GearLive.com. The part that shocked me was that none of these people or at least very few were posting their video immediately. I actually talked to one crew (with a producer, photographer, audio, talent) that weren’t going to post video until they got back to the office…in New York!

The ones who did post had some ghetto ass production. No editing (or very little) and shots that show how amateurish the people really were. If people I worked with came back with this video I would have thrown a bull at them on the spot. Folks, never ever have the talent interview the subject and all the camera gets is a side view of both people.

I did appreciate the fact that these crews were there and trying. Some of the video had to be good on shear percentages alone. It was still probably better than CNET. God I hope that company gets some people who know what their doing to run it.


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