Oblivion With Bells


Underworld is one of the most intriguing bands around. First they started off as a electro rock band then transformed itself into a techno group. Now they’ve gone another route, an ambient tag team.

Oblivion with Bells is Underworld’s second album without DJ Dave Emerson. Since Emerson left the outfit they have steadily gone from abstract techno to a more ambient sound.

Bells is more ambient than anything they’ve done to date but it still has some kick to it. Not a typical Underworld Born Slippy from Trainspotting kick but a kick none the less. The kick is more of a down tempo techno rock. Tracks like Ring Road and Best Mamgu Ever are what I’m talking about.

Crocodile and Beautiful Burnout are a little deceiving. They give you the impression that Underworld went back to their Second Toughest in the Infants sound. This is not true. Close but not true.

Overall this is not a bad Underworld record. It’s much better than their last outing and in this day and age that’s actually better than average.


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