Where was this earlier

When I live in West Ashley, the southwest-ish part of Charleston, SC, I was locked into using only Comcast as my cable provider.

Needless to say I had multiple runarounds with those cats and eventually got to someone who made something’s happen and got my cable fixed.

Now the FCC put down a new rule saying that cable companies can’t lock in deals with apartment complexes. Meaning, if you live in an apartment then you can have a choice of hard wired cable.

For example, if Comcast and Verizon both offered TV, Internet and phone in your area then you’ll be able to pick just like a person living in a house in the ‘burbs.

This may not sound like a big deal but to someone who lived in apartment’s for years this couldn’t have come fast enough. I would have dumped Comcast in a second and gone with another provider in the Charleston area, Knology, because for me they offered better programming and better Internet.

Looks like I may be a couple of years too late to enjoy this new FCC rule.



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