Full of Fulmer

Tennessee rebounded from their 41-17 thrashing by Alabama a week ago to beat South Carolina in Knoxville 27-24 in OT.

This may sound like a good thing but when you really looked at it it is not. Tennessee was up 21-0 against South Carolina in the 1st half capitalizing on 2 South Carolina turnovers and turning them into 14 points.

Then the second half happened.

Tennessee could do nothing offensively or defensively. South Carolina scored 24 unanswered points in the second half against a Tennessee defense that looked like they packed it in at halftime.

The offense could do nothing. Erik Ainge over threw or under threw receivers the entire second half in what was a poor second half performance.

The South Carolina kicked missed a FG in OT to give Tennessee the victory.

Tennessee did not win mind you, South Carolina loss.

When I see a Tennessee RB get out run by a South Carolina DE I know that there are bigger problems at Tennessee then most people want to realize.

Tennessee showed some heart in the second half but didn’t execute the poor plays that were called. The defense is either undermanned or just isn’t very good. Either way, where did all the talent go? If the talent is there then has Fulmer and his asst’s lost their touch?

I think it is both. Tennessee is not a very good football team. The 4th year senior QB has lousy mechanics and is unable to lead his team or hit a wide receiver.

I have defended Fulmer for a long time but I do think it is time for him and his asst’s to step aside and let someone else, outside of the program come in and get it back to the caliber it was in the late 90’s and early 2000.


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