The Ville’s

This past weekend brought more travel but this time it was of my choosing.

Vegas to Nashville to Knoxville back to Nashville and back to Vegas. When all was said and done I got to see Tennessee beat Georgia, see some Live music at the Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson and most importantly relax with some good friends.

In Knoxville I got to hang out with Russell, his little girl and his fiance. Nashville featured Jerry, Liz, Janice and even Uncle Bob driving the Prius!

Everybody was healthy and in pretty good spirits. This is always good especially when you only get to see these people once every year or so.

Some interesting observations of the trip:

The O’Charley’s on The Strip in Knoxville is closed. The relatively new McKay’s location rocks!

I remember driving with Russ down to campus on Friday morning and said, ‘it’s good to be home’. Tennessee is one of my homes and a place I will always enjoy going back to.


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