The beginning of the finish

It’s all in. All the hype. All the marketing. HALO 3 is is finally here.

Yes I got my copy and yes I’ve played about 3 hours worth of the campaign. It’s hard. I got my ass kicked for a good 45 minutes just trying to get across a bridge with some very weak weapons against cats with much bigger guns and stuff.

I eventually made and now I’m stuck in a base attempting to pick off bad guys from a distance.

In any event I noticed something interesting the other night while scouring the Internet in search of Halo release news.

Nobody was streaming or uploading video as soon as they shot it.

In Bellevue, WA where Bill Gates sold the first copy and members of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners shows up, Cory Bergman of King 5 and was "live blogging" on Citizen Rain but no one as far as I could see was uploading video.

Bergman pointed out the local TV affiliates were there and even G4 TV was there but neither one was streaming online. Neither was cutting short packages and uploading on location to their respective web sites.

I checked around a little more toady and Cnet, which pushed it’s Cnet TV into Beta 2.0, had a news package from Manhattan but as far as I know had nothing of the "right here, right now" variety.

The content itself wasn’t all that compelling either. It was your typical "fans outside and excited." Nothing behind the scenes. Nothing from the retailers perspective ,etc.

If I was running Cnet or another online gaming site like IGN or G4 or GameTrailers I would have picked a cool location or two and had two teams at each location during multiple packages. One talent for each location with a crew and a one-man-band per location. Had the talent covering the outside and the one-man-band on the inside. How are retailers preparing, when did they get the shipments, etc.

Instead I got "live blogging" a couple of uploaded photos and some after the fact reports.

If the Internet and niche sites are ever going to get the leg up, drive traffic and be profitable then they need to get on the ball and revise some old lessons. Or at the very least hire some people who know what there doing.


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