Another one on his way out

In some circles Eddie Johnson is the most gifted American on the US National Team. He’s a striker who if he’s on…watch out. If he’s off, well let’s just say he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

In any event he’s having a tremendous year in MLS scoring some 14 times already this season in just 18 games.

Earlier this year he was rumored to be heading off to Portugal to play there but MLS and the Portugese club could not come to an agreement. Now it appears that during the January transfer window Mr. Johnson could be heading off to play in the England Premiership.

If this happens it would be great for the 23 year old Johnson but bad for the MLS.

Yes the MLS signed Beckham, Juan Pablo Angel, Blanco, and Fred among others but the same week it signed Beckham it lost another great young player in Clint Dempsey to Fulham FC.

This year alone the MLS has lost such up and comers as Dempsey,Freddy Adu, and Danny Szetela to European Clubs. With Eddie Johnson apparently set to jump ove rto Europe as well this would once again prove that the MLS is not the place to seek fortune and challenges on the pitch.


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