Moments of suspended time

It’s never good when you show up to an international flight an they then tell you that the flight is delayed another 2 hours.

But I digress.

Speaking of travelling, I was in Berkeley,CA this past weekend to watch Tennessee lose to Cal. On a bighter note, Michigan lost to App. St., I saw a group of hippies living in a tree outside Cal’s stadium and Cal’s stadium is straight ghetto when compared to the temple of college football Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.

Also on the travelling side, Clint Dempsey who is from Texas and plays on the US National team scored again this past weekend for Fulham FC in England.

My current travels take me to London (at some point this Labor Day evening) where I will be for a week. I return for a week to Vegas then head to Anaheim for a week back for a week then off to Tennessee on vacation then bacck for a week then off to Cincinnati for a week.

And somewhere in there I am trying to close on a house.  


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