Doing what he can

New York Red Bulls beat the LA Galaxy last Saturday 5-4 in front of 66,000+ in New York (The Meadowlands in New Jersey).

There were 3 goals scored in the first 10 minutes and 5 in the second half.

Beckham got assists on the first two LA goals both scored Carlos Pavon. Beckham had multiple free kick opportunities but hit the wall 3 or more times. The game was on Field Turf which Beckham already said he doesn’t like.

Even though LA loss the game was a success for the Red Bulls and MLS. With 66,000+ people in the stands watching what is considered in soccer terms a shootout and coverage on ESPN the game was lifted up to another level. More fans were probably created, more merchandise was probably sold, and more importantly more people will go or watch another game.

From a fans perspective it was exciting to watch. There was not only a lot of goals but a lot of impressively scored goals. There was also a great atmosphere that even came across on TV. I guess you could say it was a successful night for soccer in America.

The Beckham effect is in full swing.


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