Wonga Coup

A couple of years ago I read in some wire report about a coup attempt in Africa. Somebody arrested a plane full of mercenaries on their way to overthrow some government in West Africa. As it turned out a former member of the British SAS was leading them and they were financed in part by the son of a former British Prime Minister.

Well, the mercenaries were mainly South African, they were arrested in Zimbabwe and they were on their way to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea.


Yes? Good then you’ll enjoy reading ‘ The Wonga Coup’ by Adam Roberts. Don’t follow? You’ll still enjoy reading this book by Adam Roberts.

Roberts is a writer for ‘The Economist’. He has covered Africa pretty well and jumped all over this story from the beginning. His ability to bring all of the pieces together and give get background information on the main players gave you the pleasure of understanding where these solider’s of fortune were coming from and why they were doing what they were doing.

He also didn’t end the book with, ‘ hey…they got caught.’ No he went further and brought you up to speed on where these people are now (some are still in prison in some God awful places in even worse conditions)

With people and the mainstream media beginning to realize how much we in the United States depend on private military firms (Blackwater, KBR, Custer Battles) in war zones like Iraq and elsewhere this is a good side note to what could happen when these hired guns have no war to fight.

I highly recommend this book not only for the story but for the well done piece of journalism that Adam Roberts did in writing it.


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