Small and in Scotland

DeMarcus Beasley made his debut for Rangers of the Scottish Premier League this past weekend. The story it appears isn’t that this US National team soccer player is playing for Rangers but that he is so small and playing for Rangers.

Beasley is a little dude, 5ft 8 and 145lbs soaking wet. He is very fast and very talented. He has played in the Netherlands for PSV Eindhoven and in the English Premier League with Manchester City. He played for the Chicago Fire in the MLS a few years ago and makes frequent apperances for the US National team.

He apparently got tossed around quit a bit in his first game in Scotland which is nothing new for the Fort Wayne, Indiana native. I’ve seen him knocked around during International competition and I’m sure he got clobbered a few times in the Netherlands and in England.

But he is going to do well. He’s 25 and a helluva play maker on the wing. He is one of the leaders of the US National team and I’m sure will make a pretty noticeable impact with his new club.

So if you get the chance to catch a Rangers game this season keep an eye out for DeMarcus. He’s the fast, skinny, black man on the wing and usually developing some kind of a scoring chance.


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