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It may not seem like a short jaunt to the non traveler but doing as much flying as I do nowadays a 4 day trip to Charleston from Las Vegas is nothing.

Friday, I was at the beach by 1pm. Ate and drank at my favorite bar in North Charleston, Madra Rua, and hung out with good friends and cute girls.

It did rain on my parade. Literally. It rained so hard on Saturday that they were doing live weather cut ins on the local news channels. But it was not all bad, Saturday night saw a good home cooked meal, more friends and more drinks.

Charleston is a place that I will live in again. I like it there. I like the people, the lifestyle and just about everything else. My two dilemmas would be finding a job that I could do that would allow me to have a life and which part of town I would want to live in.


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