Hubs of the Globe

They are bothersome, Mecca’s of consumerism and the cornerstone of travel around the globe: They are airports.

McCarran, Logan, JFK, Sky Harbor, Dulles, Newark, O’Hare, Bush, Hartsfield…

And their codes: SMF, LAS, BOS, CHS, etc.

The hurry up and wait. You hurry up to wait in line, hurry up to get off the plane so you can hurry up and wait for your luggage. And so on and so on and so on.

Signs that read ‘no alcoholic beverages beyond this point’

Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck, Hudson News, Chili’s To Go, Brookstone.

Everything you need at that moment and nothing you need in the long term.

Uncomfortable seats, crowded bathrooms, and eateries that close at 10 or 11.


Sky miles, bonus miles, elite members, rapid rewards, upgrades, downgrades, SKY MALL magazine.

This is the port of globalization. The beginning and ending of a journey if of course you don’t count the 2 hours arriving and the extra time it takes you to get to baggage claim to your vehicle and to your home.

Travel, Come wait with us.


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