For some reason I’ve caught a lot of good stuff on NPR lately. Maybe it was because I was out of town for the two previous weeks.

One of the programs I use to always try to catch was Marketplace. I rarely hear it now because I’m at work but the other day I caught it on the way home. The story that peaked my interest was about Hooters.

Apparently the restaurant chain closed 12 franchises in the New England area recently. The story went on to try to figure out why Hooters wasn’t doing well in New England and came up with some interesting points. All are possibilities but I came up with another theory: New Englanders don’t like wings, beer, and boobs.

I assume that Hooters is still doing well across the South…

So here we go again. North vs. South. Being that I lived in the South I hope that Hooters (based in  Atlanta) prevails and are able to infiltrate the North with there wings, beer, and scantily clad waitress’s.

Go Southerners!


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