Not The Weather You’re Use To

When I lived in Savtannah, Austin, Charleston, and even KnoxvilleThe Weather Channell (TWC) was almost a must have. I remember always checking online and having it on the TV to see the radar if I thought a storm was moving in. In places like Savannah and Charleston I would always pop on TWC to see the tide schedule to know whether I would be running in the loose sand more inland or the super packed stuff along the waterline.

Living in Las Vegas TWC has lost it’s usefulness. The only question now is "how damn hot will it be today?" I would assume TWC doesn’t do very well in places like Vegas, Phoenix, or LA because, well, the weather is always the same.

Living in the deep South, I can remember times when I would have TWC on for a good hour or so so I could watch the storm run through on the radar.

I know it sounds lame but down South a severe storm is some serious business. A storm could come off shore, inland, spawn a tornado, drop hail, locus you name it.

Sometimes I would lay on my bed in Savannah and just look out the windows (My bed was in the corner and I had 4 I could look out of at two different angles) and watch the storm roll through.

Charleston was just as enjoyable watching storms roll through downtown. Seeing the clouds build up during the afternoon and know that if I left the beach now I would still be able to get home and take a shower before the storm hit.

Vegas, weather here just doesn’t do it for me. I hope that when it comes time to leave Vegas I will move to a place that has interesting weather again. I’m sure TWC could always use another avid viewer.


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