Global Underground 30 & 31

The last two albums in the Global Underground series (GU for short)have been two of the best I’ve ever heard.

Nick Warren Paris GU30 and Dubfire Taipei GU31.

Disc 1 for Warren is probably the greatest chill record I’ve ever heard. It’s got enough beat to it to tap your foot but it is by far the most relaxing record I’ve heard since his Reykjavik GU24 record.

The second record on Paris for Warren is more upbeat but still maintains its relaxed side. It’s not over the top hard core house music. It is trance music at it’s finest and something that I just really like.

Dubfire (the other half of dance guru’s Deep Dish) has out done his partner Sharam and his Dubai GU29 effort. While Dubai disc 1 has it’s moments disc 2 never really delivered that feel or sound I was looking for from the record. By contrast Dubfire hits on all cylinders with Taipei.

Disc 1 of Taipei is similar to the point of almost being an extension of Warren’s Paris disc 2. It contains that same deep, emotional sound that enters your eyes and ears and then ventures deeper into your body.

Disc 2 is something you’d expect to hear at a Deep Dish show. Heavy grooves that you can dance to.

Either way both Warren’s Paris and Dubfire’s Taipei would have been playing through the speakers of the hotel I stayed at in Cabo San Lucas last December.

I almost lost hope with the GU series after some lackluster albums. I thought, maybe I’m over this music? Then I heard these two albums. They are both great  and two that will continue to get play time on my ipod for a very long time.


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