Harry Keeeeuuuuuuullll

That is the sound that announcers make when midfielder Harry Kewell shoots. He is an Aussie who plays for Liverpool and has had quit a few injuries. In fact he nearly sat out all of this year for Liverpool.

But anytime this left footed SoccerRoo has the ball it’s fun to watch and more importantly fun to hear the announcers scream when he attempts a shot.


Clint Dempsey of Fulham FC scored his first Premiership goal last week for Fulham against Liverpool. The goal kept Fulham from being relegated to a lower division. He cost Fulham about $4 million US. His goal arguably saved ( or made) Fulham $80 million when you add it all up by keeping them in the Premiership.


I miss going to Charleston Battery games. Granted I can watch them all online (hey how bout that!) but it’s just not the same. Apparently Ben Hollingsworth is out due to injury. He is a local kid from Mt. P who played at the College of Charleston. He was possibly one of the Battery’s best players over the last two years and by far the most noticeable.

According to my old friend in Charleston he has a foot injury.


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