Rocky Mountain Cup

I doubt you saw it but this past Thursday was a rather exciting game for the MLS.

Real Salt Lake and Colorado squared off in the Rocky Mountain Cup.The game ended in a 1-1 draw with both goals coming on own goals. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part were the chances both teams had and the back and forth play, in particular the play of Freddy Adu.

Adu was traded from DC United last summer and has never quit lived up to the hype that he had when he came into the league a few years ago. Now 17 his new coach and all time leading MLS goal scorer Jason Kreis has Adu set up to play a lot better.

Kreis has Adu on the wing and running more at his opponents as opposed to playing with his back to the goal. This past Thursday Adu’s first chance on goal came about 40 seconds into the game. He continued his strong play in the first half by staying wide and running at defenders creating all kinds of havoc for the Colorado backline. His speed and great footwork were on display for the nationally televised game and they didn’t disappoint. in fact one of his shots on goal was deflected off off Colorado Rapids captain Pablo Mastroeni and into the back of the net for Real Salt Lake’s only goal.

By the second half Colorado did a better job of playing Adu out on the wing.

Both teams did a great job of counter attacking which led to an exciting game and multiple opportunities for both clubs to score. It seemed that time after time both teams were running at goal and creating opportunities. This was a rivalry game so tempers did flare up but nothing that was a black eye for the game.

This was not a standard, boring, MLS midfield battle which I have seen far to many of. The talent and crispness are not two words you would normally associated with an MLS match. However, this Rocky Mountain Cup proved to a be a good game and from some of the highlights I’ve seen from other MLS action this weekend, it appears that the game are beginning to show more promise than at this point last season.


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