Larry Merchant


I like most people watched the De La Hoya vs. Mayweather fight last Saturday night. I am not going to comment on what I thought of the fight or the production because, well I am obviously a little biased.

I will comment on Larry Merchant, the HBO Boxing Color Commentator.

Does he have a sincere illness that I’m not aware of? I can barley understand a word the guy says. He sounds eerily like Harry Caray (rest his soul) in his final years with the Chicago Cubs.

I know Merchant is blunt and has ruffled feathers in the past. Cool. I wouldn’t know it now because I can’t understand him. He seems like a pissed off old man who will hold on to his memories of the days when boxing was bigger and better and doesn’t care about the future of the sport. To that point play-by-play announcer Jim Lampley may be a not so much younger version of Merchant.

Personally I don’t boxing will ever go away. It can’t. It’s like saying that baseball is going to go away.

I will say though that if HBO or the rest of the boxing world for that matter wants boxing to become big again than they should do everything they can to develop and promote young fighters and pray to the heavens that they have great fights.

…they also might want to start phasing in new people into the announcers chair because if I hear Lampley and Merchant talk one more time about how De La Hoya won a Gold Medal in the Olympics back in 1992 I’m going to find the both of them and Gabriel Gonzaga right leg kick’ em to their heads.


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