Yeah, Ok

So apparently during an immigration rally the other day the LAPD riot folks and the protesters got into it and the news media got caught in the middle.

The video above is from FOX NEWS. A local FOX news crew in LA got beat down by the cops.

I’ve seen camera crews get attacked. While working at the NBC affiliate in Savannah, GA. A camera operator and my reporter roommate got attacked by the brother of a drug running suspect (I don’t remember the full details). What I do remember is watching and hearing the video of the camera operator being attacked. He was ok but it was a little disturbing.

In this case the police appeared to have overreacted and shouldn’t have done what they did. On the other hand I have had it with media folks acting like this some sort of enormous tragedy.

Folks, you’re in a riot type situation, check your 6.

It’s almost like a TV crew going to Iraq and then being surprised that a car bomb goes off next to them. You’re in a war zone, this kind of shit is going to happen.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt yesterday during this protest turned riot but TV crews have got to have there head screwed on straight and get out of harms way BEFORE NOT DURING. And if they do get caught up in a situation like this try not to treat like it’s the most unbelievable thing that ever happened. You’re the NEWS, for once you actually captured NEWS while it happened and not after.


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