To the near post with venom

The FYI on my first trip overseas and my first work trip overseas.

It was cool.

I don’t know how much I should worry about getting use to staying in 5 star hotels and ordering room service though. I know, cry me a river right?

Manchester, England was a pretty cool town. Seemed like any major metropolitan area in the USA. Plenty of places to eat, shop and drink. I think they had enough brick in that town to build a bridge to Canada though.

The most interesting part, running into members of Manchester United at the hotel and venue. I ran into Wayne Rooney at the hotel bar, nearly got ran over by Edwin Van Der Sar the staring Keeper while getting onto the elevator and got to get my picture taken with Cristiano Ronaldo at the MEN Arena as he waited to meet my Dana White.

All in all a pretty good trip. A lot of work things didn’t go so well but then again it was our first trip overseas.

In June I am going to Belfast, Northern Ireland. After I go to Florida again.

–The title is something I heard an announcer say this evening while watching the Champions League match between Chelsea and Liverpool.


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