And Nobody’s Watching

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article in Broadcasting & Cable about how KUSA, a Denver TV station, dealt with a major winter snowstorm.

It wasn’t an in depth multiple page article. In fact it was only one tabloid size page and had a couple of pictures. Anyway, the part that I found myself laughing out loud at (in Terminal B at the Las Vegas Airport) was when they talked about how they sounded the alarm about the oncoming snowstorm:

Although Denver’s fleet of meteorologists had sounded the alarm days before, the city was unprepared for the onslaught. People were stranded in their cars, highways were shut down, and commuters took refuge in hotels.

The part I found so funny is how unobservant the writer was and how old school these TV stations still think even in a major market like Denver.

First people are idiots. Seriously you can scream all you want about the volcano erupting and leave town now and people will still stay and actually go towards the volcano!

Second maybe the TV stations in Denver should focus more on getting their information out to people on different formats. Later in the article it said:

"Our web traffic exploded," adds KUSA’s (News Director Patti) Dennis. "We had 30 million page views in December, up from an average of 4 million."

Well there Patti, do you see a pattern developing?

The part that gets me is the writer Paige Albiniak. This person placed that information about the web towards the end of the article and didn’t even touch on how the KUSA used their web site. Was there a place on KUSA’s web site for people to send their own video’s of the storm? Were there links to emergency information? Was their forum’s for people to share their stories? How did the station change as a result of the storm? People obviously didn’t heed the warnings so is the station trying to reach out to other platforms to get the information out?

I just found this article more narrow minded than anything else. This article wouldn’t have caught my eye in a negative way 3-4 years ago. In fact I would have found it informative. Now I see this article in a negative light because it shows how far local tv hasn’t progressed.


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