Tennesse Loses and Vitale is an Idiot

Tennessee, after Coach Bruce Pearl was featured in today’s USA Today, which meant of course that Tennessee would blow a 20 pt lead and lose to Ohio State. Don’t ask me how I know this stuff I just do.

In other news, Dick Vitale is an idiot and let me tell you why. He is all fired up at alumni and whoever else at Kentucky becasue Tubby Smith is leaving for a job coaching hoops at Minnesota.

Vitale yells about how the NCAA tournament has become a monster and alumni are out of control and how could they do this to such a good guy and a family man.

Give me a break. Dick, this is the game.

Why do alumni have a say? Oh I don’t know, maybe because they open their checkbooks and write very big checks to support the program. Family Man? What the hell does that have to do with coaching basketball? Personally if I were an Athletic Director I would find people who were not married so they would have more time to work and win and make me look good.

It seems like every year Vitale gets liket his when coaches get fired or change jobs. And let me remind him and you home gamers, Tubby Smith left, he wasn’t fired.

Vitale, calm down. Smoke a joint or do something.

Tennessee…well at least the Coach Summitt and the women’s team is still alive.


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