‘Geography is just a place on a map’ is what I was told Saturday. Dan is my friend Erin’s boyfriend. They live in a loft in Midtown Atlanta with a huge floor to ceiling window. The rooftop area has a pool, gym, and area for a small party. Let us also not forget the 60′ Sony Wega.

In other words, it’s where I would live.

The trip was not for fun and games. I went to see my friend from college Erin who is battling leukemia. When I arrived Saturday morning I went with her to the clinic for her daily dose of arsenic and magnesium.

This is about 5-8 hours of sitting in a recliner with tubes coming out of her chest and into a machine. They have TV’s on arm’s and free wi-fi to try to make the time go by a little faster but it usually doesn’t.

This was not all gloom and doom. We did all go out Saturday night and had dinner and listened to some music at a place called Eddie’s Attic where some cat named Bobby Yang. It’s Yang on violin, a guy on acoustic guitar, a cello, and a jazz drummer. An interesting combo and they covered The Police. Pretty interesting.

It’s always good to see friends. Distance is just a decision away. My advice is to see them.


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