Slow Step

So this buying a home thing is a little more complicated than I knew. I knew it was complicated but I didn’t know it was stupid. Maybe I was stupid for thinking it wasn’t stupid.

I spent part of the day Saturday trying to find out how big of a loan I could get. Well all the sites I tried all asked you the price of the home you were looking at. Yet they didn’t leave a section for ‘I don’t know. I want to know how much I could get and THEN look.’

Eventually I just called a cat at (takes out the point of .com, they didn’t even have a live chat or at least not one I could find. And I was sober) The cat I spoke to was actually very helpful. He seemed to listen, offered what sounds like sound advice or at least advice worth thinking about and explained some things for me. This was more helpful then the web site was.

In any event, I may be renting a little while longer. I could go gang busters and go out and find a home now but then I don’t think I would like my eating choices for the next five years.

I am new to this and probably overreacting but hey, in the end it is my money and I like to add zero’s to my IRA.

God I’m old.


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