Square Footage This!

So I have decided to start looking for a small house or townhouse. Not a condo that’s for sure. Why? Because in my experience a condo is nothing more than an apartment building sold off to individuals.

And when I say decided, I mean I am actually going to start talking to banks and shit about a loan. I in all honesty don’t know what that means but hey, I guess this is a learning process.

To be honest I could really give a shit about owning a house. I hear it’s a good investment, I have yet to buy into that theory because if you spend all your money to pay your mortgage and bills and have no money to buy food then what the hell is the point?

I am also anti-home owning dinner conversation. At a party or gathering, when people go into square footage and how good neighborhoods are stuff I lose all interest. I would rather watch the local news. And I hate the local news.

So this is me. Off to home ownership. I suspect this voyage will royally suck but I’ll try most things at least once.


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