The Company

I thought author Max Barry’s last book was pretty good. Jennifer Government had some interesting ideas and a fairly good story. I felt the world the characters lived in was more interesting than the story.

His latest book doesn’t offer such an intriguing world. The Company takes place in Seattle and inside a company that isn’t really a company. I won’t give away the twist but I didn’t think it was all that ground breaking.

Since Barry dedicated the book to Hewlett-Packard I can only assume he is making fun of his previous job in the tech industry. Barry does a good job with the work environment. You know, why some people have jobs but don’t really do anything? I think everyone can relate to parts of this book, I know I do.

Company does a real good job of pointing out how people get caught up with petty shit and let it effect them in life and at work.

The book however lacks really good characters. The only one I found interesting he writes out of the story. I kept reading expecting her to return but she never did. The main character Jones is full of idealism but it’s a road that’s been traveled before.

Company could have been a lot better. It could have spent more time with other characters and really develop them better. The story was so-so but I didn’t find it all that engulfing.

If you have never read Barry before I would check out his previous work and skip this one.


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