Best of 2006

Andrew is one of the people I will always listen to when it comes to music and movies. He e-mailed his Best of 2006 for music last week and I feel everyone should know it.
Friends and music lovers,
Pardon the delay but I forgot to send this out at the beginning of the year.  If you don’t care please click on delete now. 
Here are my favorite/most listened to albums of 2006
Derek Webb – "Mockingbird"  This is a folksy set of authentic tunes with great lyrics about God, America and Love.  He gave this record away for free for 3 or 4 months this past year.  "There are other ways a to be a musician and make money other than selling round pieces of plastic." 
Gnarls Barkley – "St. Elsewhere" Fun, entertaining, good beats.  I liked the majority of songs on this one.  And please move beyond Crazy and Gone Daddy Gone, there are at least 5 other good tracks on this disc.
Beck – "The Information" Solid set of songs all the way through.  I like Beck. 
Raconteurs – "Broken Boy Soldiers" I had the disc for a while and thought it was good and then saw them at ACL Fest and they were great live.  The White Stripes might be over with.
Other Albums:
Nightmares on Wax – Chill out album for the most part, electronic and turn-tables with some vocals, sounds like old R&B with some funk onit. 
The Black Keys – "Magic Potion" LOUD, Raw, Rock, Blues from 2 white guys, great.
Thom Yorke – "The Eraser"  Bleeps and Bops with depressing, defiant lyrics.  2 really good songs, the rest are good but not great.
Groupo Fantasma – "Come Alive" this is supposed to be a great live album.  I saw them a couple of times this past year and they put on a rum shakin’ show so I am going to recomend their live album.  Brad, they are playing at Prince’s club in Vegas every Thursday through March.  Read their Golden Globe stories here
I usually have more local artist on here but…none really stood out.  I have barely listened to the Black Angles or Ghostland Observatory or Midlake.  I like them but haven’t listened enough yet to make a solid recommendations.  Live Ghostland Observatory is amazing. 
I hope you are catching some live music where ever you live.

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