The Big Fish and the one that got away

Unless you were living under a rock you know that David Beckham is coming to America to play soccer. Coming to play for the MLS’s LA Galaxy alongside Landon Donovan.

Beck’s coming to America is a big deal. He still has some good years left, the sheer interest alone is enough to improve the standing of MLS, and being in LA isn’t the worst thing that could have happened to him.

The bummer part of Beck’s coming to America is that on the same day the US lost of of its most promising young players to an English club. Clint Dempsey who was the 2004 MLS rookie of the year and the only US player to score a goal in last year’s World Cup signed on with Fulham FC of the English Premier League. His transfer fee (the amount Fulham had to pay the MLS for his rights) of $4 million was the highest yet for an American player. Of course that is a month’s work for Beckham who is rumored to be getting something like $250 million over the next 5 years in the MLS.

Am I excited about Beckham coming to America? Hell yes. I plan on flying to LA for a game to see him play. I am sad though that we lost one of our best young players.

Dempsey is exciting to watch. He can play all over, has an air of unpredictability, and is plenty marketable. He is not a household name like Beckham though. Dempsey still has something to prove and hence has gone off to England while Beckham has proven his skills in soccer’s biggest stages.

So welcome David Beckham to American soccer and good luck to you Clint Dempsey.


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