Ringing In The New Year

Well Home Despot, I’m sorry, Home Depot got better today. It’s CEO Bob Nardellii resigned with a golden parachute of an estimated $210 million. Not a bad parting gift for someone who lost me a bunch of money by deciding to not report certain things.

In any event, he’s out I’m not getting my money back and I’m shopping at Lowe’s. __________________________________________________________________

With the New Year comes the idea that you should re-evaluate your life/ situation. It is a time to reflect but also a time to look forward. In looking forward we have a few things to look forward too:


-Possibly a new U2 record

-Cheaper HDTV’s

-Faster and cheaper broadband (please, please, please)

Transformers the movie

And a lot, lot more. I should know more next week when I go to my first ever CES here in Las Vegas.

Now looking back several things stand out: One that most may not know, is the Battery game I wen to. It was a US Open Cup that pitched Charleston Battery against FC Dallas of the MLS. It ended in a shootout with FC Dallas walking away with the win. Charleston tied the game in the 90th minute on a penalty kick. The game was as intense of a sporting event as I have ever seen.


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