Up All Night

There are few musicians or singers that I would like to be Up All Night with. Fortunately for me one of them is DJ Rap who’s latest release is entitled Up All Night. I suppose the musical Gods are smiling on me.

Up All Night is another step down the glorious drum and bass road for DJ Rap aka Charissa Saverio. The record is not the frantic pace of her last release Bulletproof. This record is more organic. More along the thought lines of chillin at the resort with this being your soundtrack. Soothing dance music with frantic beats.

The first four tracks ("Bella Fortissimo", "Heavenly", "Angels and Demons", and "High Octane") really set this mellow groove into orbit. DJ RAP then turns up the notch a little with "Drummin’ and Bassin’" but it is Feel It that announces to you that a shift is here. "Feel It" is, I think, the best track on the record. It has so upper atmosphere vocals along with a down to Earth ripping guitar to drive it home.

"Feel It" leads into the second half of the record which is more along the lines of DJ RAP’s Bulletproof record. Heavier drum and bass with changes in the song structure. It’s not bad but what makes this record worth buying is the first half of it.

Up All Night is the best record DJ RAP has done. It improves upon her last record, Bulletproof, and goes a step further. I hope that she continues this trend and her next release is even better. I also hope that the next time she stops in Las Vegas that I get to stay Up All Night with her…and her music.


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