10ft is getting closer.

A saying in the online world is the "10ft rule". It is the idea that you can look at a video on your computer screen from 10ft away, or as we say in Bradworld, the couch.

Expanding on my expereince at the Video Game Awards experience I went around and tried to find some of the other online media folks to, not only see what they did but how their sites show thier video.

Some sites did a better job streaming their video then they did presenting their video. The Weekend Gamer has a big ass screen but their navigation is not that good and the content itself needs an editor. Gametrailers.com or GTTV is cooler. It has a little bit smaller screen but a the production value is much better. The GTTV Weekley segments are good the host, Amanda Mackay who I got to interview, is hot and their red carpet re-cap from the VGA’s is pretty good. Good video and production value.

Some other sites I still think lag behind but the point is this, most, if not all of the video can be viewed while sitter further away from your computer screen. Add in the fact that these sites probably get no where near the traffic that ESPN does and you can view the videos without worrying about it re-buffering every few seconds. Granted that doesn’t itake into considereation your own connection but you get the idea.

Could we be soon at that 10ft rule? I think so and in some cases I would make the argument that we are already there.


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