Today is the first day I’ve actually woken up in my own bed and not had to A) catch a plane B) go to work or C) watch football all day. It is a little strange.

I got back from San Diego on Thursday mid morning and went straight to work. Worked unitl 10pm Friday and at about 3pm on Thursday I realized that I hadn’t shopped for xmas yet while realizing I really need a haircut.

But enough about me.

Last week at the Video Game Awards (yes I was on the red carpet and it was my first time. Was a little rough but the fruits of my labor can be seen here in a day or so) but I was blown away by how many online folks were there. How many video online folks too. Using cameras from the tinest of the tinest to a Canon XL2 that looked like the Titanic (I remember when that came out, it seemed just the right size to me. Now it seems huge). All interviewing celebrities and game designers from here to next Thursday. Sites like the Weekend Gamer, Game Trailers, G4, Ecko, and of course me. I would venture to say that the online media out numbered the traditional broadcast and cable folks.


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