The New and the Sold

I haven’t been blogging a lot but then again I have a real job now.

What’s new:

CNBC launched a new web site that isn’t bad. I haven’t had a lot of time to explore it but I like how it’s video intensive and the FLASH. Nice search.

Yahoo! announced major shake up. I’ve heard smoke about it possibly being bought by Microsoft but I think that idea is UP in SMOKE. Comcast maybe IF Yahoo! was looking to sell which it isn’t to my knowledge.

CNET editor James Kim’s body was found in the Oregon wilderness. His wife and two daughters were found alive Monday. Kim left on Saturday to find help. The family went missing the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. It is sad but at the same time interesting to see how the online community is reacting.

A HALO 3 trailer aired during Monday Night Football on Dec. 4th. Think about that for a minute, a video game trailer during a MNF game and there is no release date for the game. All we know is that it is coming out in 2007.

How the World changes from Blog to Blog.


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