Oh No, Someone Has To Think


I was watching the Big 12 Championship Game between Nebraska and Oklahoma and the color guy Todd Blackledge said that he didn’t like a playoff because it would the destroy the current bowl system and he didn’t like that. Using the bowl’s as a playoff system would destroy the bowl system and people would have to think differently about everything.

Well damn. Heaven forbid that University Presidents use their heads. My God, changing tradition we can’t have that!

Of course if traditions were never changed then the SEC would have 12 teams and a Championship game, The Big 12 wouldn’t exist, and the Big 10 would still have 10 teams (why they still call themselves the Big 10 when there are 11 teams is beyond me).

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for tradition but when it can’t be touched or modified for traditions sake then I say tradition needs to go. It’s not like there isn’t precedence in modifying tradition.

Tennessee and Alabama play every year and usually on the 3rd weekend of October but not always. Now when the SEC expanded to 12 teams and split the conference into the divisions Tennessee and Alabama were in different divisions. So what did they do? The SEC worked out a schedule where the traditional rivals continued to play each other every year like Tennessee and Alabama and Georgia and Auburn. The SEC them rotated in two other teams from the other division to round out the in conference schedule.

The Big 12 on the other hand ended long time tradional rivalry games like Nebraska vs Oklahoma. I guess Blackledge didn’t think about this when he made his comments.

By the way, two of the lamest arguments against a playoff in division 1-A college football are academics and money. Yeah, like the 108+ people at a Tennessee game are concerned about the academic welfare of the players. Besides, all of the other divisions of college football have a playoff system and last time I checked Furman was harder to get into then Tennessee or Oklahoma.

Money. If you think that a playoff system in 1-A wouldn’t make money then you’re either a communist or an idiot. This would be as big of a money maker as the Super Bowl and the NCAA Basketball tournament.



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