For those who missed it

Friday afternoon the IT guy at work grabbed me to help move something. He had just finished hooking up an Xbox 360 to an entertainment center which already included an iPod connection, VCR, DVD, and so on. The amount of cables poking out all of this would make an octopus envious.

Helping move the cabinet back into place against the wall I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘ Damn. You really do need to be an IT guy to hook all this up.’

As technology "improves’" we end up needing more cables and really do need to read to the Manuel before getting started. So is technology really improving? The picture on my friends new LCD HDTV is phenomenal but we also had to make another trip to the cable company so we could get an HD box, and then had to sit down and figure out how the hell all this goes together.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is defiantly worth it for all of the cool stuff and amazing pictures that we can now get but, can’t it be a little easier to figure out?


Oregon State Beavers beat the USC Trojans on Saturday 33-31. Please fell free to have fun with this. Ok, I’ll get it started:

Beavers pound the Trojans. Beavers outlast Trojans. Trojans not Up to the task. Trojans fall short to Beavers. Beavers to much for Trojans to handle. Beavers O penetrates Trojans D.


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