Pt 1.-1.65

Last year and probably a little before that you could hear the rumblings that turned into a movement of sorts, Google vs Microsoft.  The latest tech war had begun. Once upon a time it was IBM vs Microsoft then Apple vs Microsoft and so on. Now a web based company is taking on the Goliath of Redmond.

David however has just taken a big gamble by buying lawsuit-in-waiting YouTube.

Dallas Mavericks owner and former tech mogul/seller/NBA owner Mark Cuban said that anyone who bought YouTube was a"moron".

Yet Google shelled out a reported $1.65 billion for the year old web site. Good idea? That’s up for debate but that supposed $9 + billion Google had in the war chest for the ongoing battle against Microsoft has now gone from
"war chest" to "payback money" for media companies who see YouTube as robber of their content.

Will YouTube get sued? Yes. The questions are who and how soon? I don’t think it is wise to be the first company because it opens you up to critics all over the net who can raise a grassroots army to make your life a living hell. This is an opportunity for Google and YouTube. They could win the battle in the court of public opinion but lose in a court of law. But holding the public opinion over the head of the media companies could bring the media companies to the bargaining table.  

In the end this purchase of YouTube by Google is an historic landmark in the Web 2.0 landscape. Video combined with a deep pocketed company who has more know how and hard drive space to take video to the next level. The place where feeble minded media execs into the unemployment line.


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