Back on the East Side

Well I must say that the Atlantic is jus like I left it: bluish with a tint of green and not in Hurricane form. It is however the first time I’ve stuck my feet into the water while in America’s wang, a.k.a. Florida (Ft Lauderdale to be exact).

Yes I am not in Vegas once again. Its event week and this time it included a trip back to the East Coast for a Tuesday night fight.

In the meantime here’s what’s going on:

-I still watch “60 MINUTES” but I am upset with their continued dick sucking of Bob Woodward. Again, in last Sunday’s show Mike Wallace interviewed Woodward about his new book. They did not interview anyone else for this story. No opposing view points, no one. They did this for Woodward’s last book as well. That is not journalism it’s PR for Woodward and that is not what “60 MINUTES” is about as far as I’m concerned.

-It is no secret that I am not a fan of Bill Maher. However I did catch part of his show on Friday night from Washington, D.C. and in his New Rule segment he did say something that I agree with. ‘Why do news stations tell you to log on for more information? I’m here now!’

-I saw a promo for Scarborough Country about news anchors “where ones the fake news stop and real news begin?” And their going to ask John Stewart (I think). Maybe they should ask the news directors and producers who implement what consultants say they should.

-And one last one for the road: Tennessee beat Georgia in Athens 51-33. Giddy up.


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