It’s Almost There

I read last week in the Wall Street Journal that Major League Soccer (MLS) will allow its clubs to begin selling the front of the jersey to advertisers beginning next season.

I have been advocating this for a while. I think it helps the sport and is a great step for the league to do in order to fall in line with the rest of the soccer world and to attract and keep talented players. Not to mention the fact that it is big money.

What do I mean by big money? Insurance giant AIG bought the front of Manchester Untied jersey’s though 2010 for a mere $25 million. And that isn’t even the all time record. A Libyan oil company shelled out even more to be on the front of Italian Football juggernaut Juventus’s jersey. I am in no way comparing the MLS clubs to Man Utd or Juventus but I think you can see the point.

The league has set a $500,000 floor on the ad space and will not allow hard liquor or Internet casino’s to be their and the commissioner’s office reserves the right to reject others according to the article.

Again I cannot stress how great this is. All the other soccer leagues do it including those in the A League and below which all play in North America. The sad part was the article. It referred to the fact that no other league in the US does it accept for NASCAR. It state though in the same sentence that this is common practice in football leagues around the World.

Speaking of MLS, did you see Brian Ching’s goal this weekend?! WOW!


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