A Week Late But None the Less

I was working so I didn’t see it but from all the press on it I feel like I’ve watched it multiple times. I’m talking about the Notre Dame comeback over Michigan State.

The Irish were down 31-14 at halftime. They went on to score 19 points in the 4th quarter to beat the Spartans 40-37.

Now I know this was a tremendous comeback especially when you consider the fact that Notre Dame was taken behind the woodshed by Michigan the week before. However, people let’s let this go. I know it’s Notre Dame and they’re a legendary program and all but can we please get off their dick now.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Notre Dame. I think it started when they got their own network (NBC), and Beano “the idiot” Cook a College Football historian and former analyst on ESPN went on to proclaim that Notre Dame quarterback Ron Powlus would win two Heisman Trophies and win a couple National Titles. None of which became true. So when you add on the comeback victory against Michigan State it gives all these people who love to love Notre Dame one more thing to throw onto the legend.

Personally I’m annoyed. First off Notre Dame, join the Big 10…I am mean Big 11 already. You play half these guys anyway. Also, if you want to be considered the best stop with the special treatment. For the uneducated here’s what I mean: If Notre Dame has a certain record and a certain ranking they HAVE to be in the Bowl Championship Series or BCS. They could in theory play 12 cupcake teams and waltz into the National Title picture. They would never do that of course but they could because they are not in a conference. Personally I think that’s a little shallow. This automatic berth is unfair to other teams all around the country in the big and small conferences.

In the end I congratulate Notre Dame for their victory but like many other things, I ask the media to show some restraint and get off Notre Dame’s dick.


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