Zune in or Zune out?

Microsoft announced their "ipod killer" and its called Zune (rhymes with tune). It has three different colors, WI-FI, 30GB hard drive, FM tuner, and a 3-inch color screen. It also comes with Zune Marketplace which is going to be the kind of itunes for Zune.

What they haven’t told us yet: What deals they have cut with media companies to fill this Zune Marketplace, what this wireless connection really is (WiFi or Bluetooth), and how much it will cost (some blogs put the price around $300)?

For one I am interested but I’m not sold. It looks and sounds cool but is it going to be better than my ipod? When Steve Jobs went out there earlier this week to announce the improvements to the ipod and itunes (An 80GB hard drive one is now available along with movies on itunes and a product coming out next year called itv that will bring it all together) he did it in a typical Steve Jobs fashion complete with prices, release dates, and contracts already in the can with more to come. You get none of that with Microsoft.

Could they have a superior product? Maybe but I doubt it. I need more. I need a price, contracts signed in blood so I have reason to dump the ipod and move to Zune. Why would I dump out of itunes when it is overloaded with music and video?

Microsoft has some catching up to do before I jump the ipod ship but at least they’re on their way.


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