Mine is Bigger than Yours

I gotta ask, what is with car dealers and big ass American Flags?

Every state I’ve been too and every town I’ve lived in has had a car dealership or two with the biggest US Flag you have ever seen. Well at least since the last car dealership you drove pass.

I would understand this from a marketing standpoint if you were the only car dealership in town with a big ass flag. But if the guy down the street has one then it kind of defeats the purpose. Now you’re cheesy local TV ad has to rely on the old standards of “NO MONEY DOWN!” and “WE CAN GET YOU FINANCED!”

I appreciate car dealers being all patriotic but I’m guessing they aren’t as hardcore as their big flags lead us to believe at least not like the CEO of Miracle Grow is. The CEO put up the “DON’T TREAD ON ME” flag at company headquarters. The Board of Directors wasn’t too happy about it but he told them that it’ll come down when Bin Laden goes down.

I hope these local car dealers have some sort of similar standards.


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