1 week

I would assume that most people’s first week at a new job wouldn’t be anything like mine. Granted I cannot compare it to the first week of boot camp or something but it has been an experience all the same.

I work for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. We have UFC 62 coming up Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. If I get home by 3am Sunday morning I will be surprised.

As I write this I am exporting video to a drive so that it can be uploaded to the web. It’s 10pm.

I am not complaining. I expected to come in here and work 10-12 hour days. I hoped for it because it would mean that I have that much to do. The really cool thing about this is the fact that I will be too tired to go out at night in Las Vegas which is good. It also means that the DVR that is at the house ought to pay for itself in the first month.

I won’t be blogging much about work unless I have something cool to say about it.

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