Day 2 Ish

into Oklahoma City (which isn’t much better by the way but at least it’s an urban area so I’ll make an exception) is the worst paved Interstate I have ever been on. I was beginning to wonder if going off-roading would be better!


So take it from me, do not drive cross country with a U-haul towing a blazer by yourself because it…well you get the point.


However I did get to the overpriced motel room just in time to see the Daily Show which had on Samuel L Jackson. The first clip, Jackson saying “I am sick and tired of the mutha fuckin snakes on this mutha fuckin plane!” I may not even get to see the movie at the theatre but I don’t care because we got MUTHA FUCKIN SNAKES ON A MUTHA FUCKIN PLANE!


Yeah, I am feeling better now.


Big props to Jerry, Liz, and Janice for the shower, food, beer, and good conversation. You really can’t ask for anything more.


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