One Connection Life

I saw a new ad on CNBC (I think) the other day for the New AT&T showing how you can watch something on your TV, continue watching on your Cell phone and laptop and yada yada yada.

 Friday I was getting some blood drawn and got to listen to the tech vent a little bit about here current communications problem.

 She has service with Knology which is the same cable company I use for TV and Internet access. She uses a Knology “bundle” where she gets TV, Internet, and phone service all in one. Well her service went out meaning ALL of her services went out. No TV, Internet, or phone. To boot, she claimed that she has had constant billing issues with the company as well.

 She wasn’t too happy about it any of this.

 This dilemma she is encountering gives us a window into the future of your consumer communications life. The lesson; if one line goes out then your communication life comes to a screeching halt. That movie you can watch on your TV then on your cell phone and your laptop, not anymore.

 What needs to change is not the one line concept but the way of thinking which is going to be even harder. Broadband is a utility. It’s a communication line. Think of it like electricity or water.

 Some might think that this one line idea isn’t a very good because of the problem I described earlier which is valid. However, if a severe storm hits your area and the electricity goes out then you’re probably not going to be able to do anything anyway.


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