CNN Coverage of “Crisis”

So we got another conflict in the Middle East…again.

 Why is it that anytime something happens with Israel whether it’s a bomb on a bus or rockets dropping in from Lebanon, why do cable networks have to employ British guys or girls to do the reporting (if you can call it that)? Did a consultant tell them that if you get a British person then it would make the reporting sound more international?

 And why do they yell? Everything is so dramatic. Yeah, I know it’s a war people that’s pretty damn dramatic in itself don’t you think? Does exaggerating words and phrases make the missile impacts or resulting deaths mean more or something? I get that it’s terrible, it’s war. People are shooting at each other and rockets are falling from the sky killing people who are trying to seek shelter.

 Of course my favorite part about watching coverage of this war in Southern Lebanon is all of the live shots. If you watch CNN you’ll always see live shots of anchors or reporters in various places. Then they’ll do live shots during one the shows like The Situation Room or Anderson “The Mole” Cooper 360. When exactly do these people have time to report anything if they’re always doing live shots? Maybe I’m not giving them enough credit they do have big staff’s after all.

 Also, why is everything a ‘Developing Story’? When exactly does a story STOP ‘developing’ anyway? It’s a war isn’t something always happening?

 One more thing, ‘Crisis in the Middles East’ when has it not been in “Crisis” what with all of the ‘Developing Stories’ and ‘Breaking News’?

 Just some thoughts about your current ‘Middle East conflict’.


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